An 8-Week Creative Writing Course




Healing begins from within. This course is intended to help you creatively open and go within to explore the many facets of your life while developing your writing skills. I have designed this course for those who are interested in exploring themselves deeper through the art of writing, for those who are possibly considering getting articles published online, for those seeking deeper guidance and instruction.


This course combines one of the oldest methods of self-exploration and expression – keeping a journal – with a structured format that enables you to get to know the inner core of your life on ever-deeper levels and gain a fuller perspective on where you are. The intensive journaling process also empowers you to take the action necessary to change the course of your life and unlock your hidden creative potential. This rich, insightful work is a treasure for all those involved in self-inquiry, artistic creation, and spiritual renewal.


In the past week alone, I have been contacted over five times in regards to others wanting advice, looking at how to get published, writing development, etc. While I am not an editor or technical writer, I have been published with over eight different online publications. Writing is my passion. Words matter.


What to Expect:


* Video establishing weekly writing prompts
* Assignments will also be sent out via email
* Exploring different styles of writing // Finding your niche
* Accountability
* Writing Review // Feedback
* Publication contacts for submissions
* Community
* Results


This course is intended for those who are willing to show up, do the work, and willingly share their writing within a safe, secret, and sacred space.