Unlocking & Unleashing Your Potential
An 8-Week Course
(Only 10 Slots Available)
Group Launches August 1, 2017

Your highest self is like an acorn, and every other seed – it already has everything inside of it to fulfill its destiny. All of the potential is already there and contained within.
When you examine the acorn, it may not look like an oak tree. But when it’s put in the right conditions – nutrient rich soil, water, and sunlight – it will bloom and blossom into its full potential.
It’s the same for all of us. We are each a divine seed. But we need to be conscious and mindful of our environments. Are we living and breathing and moving and trusting in our potential? Our intuition? Are we immersing ourselves in nourishing environments crucial to our growth?
This course provides the space for exactly that so that you may see you’re a mighty oak waiting to be unleashed.

The Universe, Great Spirit, Your Higher Self, God – or however this looks for you, has made available to you all that you could ever ask for.
But the process is so much deeper than just the basic Law of Attraction or The Secret…
You first must believe you are worthy to receive. Once you show up, say yes, commit to the process, and claim your power – it is then that the Universe conspires with you to make it a reality.
This group is designed to help you do just that. In this safe and sacred space, you will be held as you explore areas in your life where you may be blocking your blessings.
You will explore how to move in alignment with your souls purpose – you will see the worlds of inspired action moving through your life – opening doors and possibility you would have never thought possible.

What to Expect:
* Weekly video prompts (assignments will also be sent out via email)
* Weekly activation meditations
* Bi-weekly accountability, growth, and sharing sessions
* pdf versions of specific books to assist with your growth
* Intentional Support & Community
* Sound healing at the completion of the course
*BONUS: You will have indefinite access to this group. Which means you can rework the assignments as needed; at any time.
Over this 8-week period, we will be:
– Identifying areas in your life where you are keeping yourself small (blocks) and how to open to more abundance and the capacity to receive.
– Studying Universal Laws – Do you want to call in more money, more love, and more abundance into your life?!
– How to go within and live a life of walking meditation. Psst…you always have a choice and at any time, can decide to choose something different, to engage, disengage, to walk away… Our lives are created by a series of decisions. We will explore and evaluate the decisions that can unlock and unleash your full potential.
– How to tap into, unlock, and unleash your potential so you can stand in the full power of you.

 I would be honored to work with you, hold space for you, and help guide you with tools that do not fail or disappoint as you move through this journey.
I can’t wait to share this once in a lifetime opportunity with you. Get ready to grow wings and take charge while learning how to use the laws of the universe in your favor…

“…you discover your happiness when you’re able to see that in every circumstance, there is possibility, there is potential, and there is an energy behind it pushing you to a greater expression of who and what you really are…We’re surrounded by infinite possibilities. And so with the shift of perception and attitude you begin to see those possibilities and those possibilities invite us to activate potential within us. The gifts and talents within us that are latent, the possibilities invite us to discover and activate those possibilities. So, again in happiness would be us becoming more ourselves that would be very blissful state, you see. So it doesn’t deny that bad things happen in the world. Doesn’t deny that people die. People die on us. You know, people leave. Jobs change. It doesn’t deny that but when we come to understanding that even with all the changes that are going on in the phenomenal world there’s still something about us that’s permanent. There’s something about us that’s forever, and that part of us that’s forever is spiritual which means it never began, and it will never end. And as we become more and more identified with that. Identified not just in with a belief system but identified that with some kind of spiritual practice. Some kind of focus some kind of intention. Then our life takes on a whole different vibration…” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

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8 week program $699.00