When Sleeping Dragons Wake


What is my Self-empowerment Life Purpose Consulting Program about? In a nutshell, this says it all. I help lead you back to your love, your dreams, your passions, and desires and show you how to wake up that sleeping dragon and embrace your life purpose.


What makes me an “expert”? I’ve lived it. Born by blood and forged by fire. Yes, I have certificates saying I am “qualified” to teach what I do but my real education came from life. My passion was birthed by experience.


Feeling stuck in a rut, run by fear, tired of running the rat race and ready to step into your power and purpose?! I’ve been there. I know how that feels. But in order to experience a shift, you have to be ready to say, “I am worthy and I am ready…”


It’s time to evaluate your life. Yes, you’re alive but are you really living?


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