Today’s Mantra: Refuse to be a Bystander, Become Aware & Take Action.

Asadullah Khan, a 51 year old Muslim man, confessed to strangling his daughter, 19, on January 28, 2015.

News reports state Lareeb Khan, a dental technician, stayed away from her parents’ home (several nights in a row) and had stopped wearing her head covering. Lareeb was caught by German police when she attempted to steal condoms for sex with her forbidden boyfriend.

Mr. Khan admitted and confessed that after killing his daughter, he and his wife, Shazia, dressed her and pushed her in a wheelchair to the family car. They then drove her to a secluded embankment in their home city of Darmstadt and dumped the corpse.

Mr. Khan and his wife, Shazia, originally from Pakistan, are on trial for murder.

Shazia, 41, described how she was a downtrodden woman, controlled by her husband, and stated she was unable to save her daughter. She states that as Lareeb slept, her husband crept into her daughter’s room, knelt beside her, and strangled her to death with his bare hands.

Mr. Khan, with tears streaming down his face, admitted the killing because in his eyes, his daughter had brought great “dishonor” to the family with her love for a boy he didn’t approve of.


As I am an advocate for women’s rights around the globe, stories such as this appear in my newsfeed daily. I would love to honor each woman with the telling of their tale but it is quite literally impossible as there are just too many.

While I do my best to shed light on injustices still happening in the world, it saddens me deeply that so many are still complacently turning a blind eye.

Recently I have come to notice that many of my current events articles do not seem to receive as much attention or “views” as, for example, the article I wrote on Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages.

Disturbed and also curious about this, I have reached out to many of my writer friends to ask about their experiences. Sadly, their reader response has been much the same.

Yet, every day, I see posts from people around the world seeking global enlightenment, searching for world peace, and proclaiming to be the voice for the oppressed.

But how much action is actually being implemented? As a society—what are we doing (an action word) to make a difference?

These days, it would seem that everyone is a writer, a blogger, or a poet. Or perhaps you took a different media route and have found a platform via YouTube, radio, or television.

 My question to you, then, is this: What is your cause? What are you using your platform to accomplish? Is it to bring wisdom, light, and knowledge? Or is it for fame and fortune? Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?

How do you react when a situation cries out and screams injustice? Do you turn a blind eye? Do you scroll past it in your newsfeed? Do you turn the channel or turn off the television?

Why as a society, do we prefer fluff over world news and current events?

Is it because we aren’t exactly sure what to do, so we opt to do nothing? Is it because we think if we take a stance that others may not agree with we will receive unfavorable backlash? Is it because we think that if we cannot afford to donate money, that there are not equally important things that can be done?

Or is it because those of us who live in a society and afforded privileges that many are not—just simply feel it’s not our problem—not our issue? “Not my circus—not my monkeys…”

Here are seven ways you can help in your community without actually spending money if you are unable to donate monetarily:

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Author: Mary Rogers

Editor: Travis May

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