Sustainable Gifts for Valentine’s Day.

It’s that time of year again when romance is in the air. You want to buy your special someone a Valentine’s gift to show them how much you care but you hate buying into a consumer-driven holiday. This doesn’t have to stand in the way of you celebrating your love in a conscious manner that minimizes your conceding to commercialism as well as your carbon foot print.

Here is a list of a few gift ideas to help you do just that:

Skip the store-bought card or choose a better alternative: Simplify your approach in an authentic way that not only has a better impact on the environment but also promises a romantic and memorable experience. The best gifts come from the heart and when they are hand-made or non-material, they’re showing love to Mother Nature as well. Commit to creating something memorable and make your own card or bring back the romance of a handwritten letter. Write a poem or create a list of reasons as to why you love them so. If you simply do not have the time, simple, yet elegant cards at are made from 100% recycled card stock and use only nontoxic inks.

Treat them with Fair Trade Chocolate: The International Labor Organization estimates that West Africa’s cacao plantations employ nearly 300,000 children (many of them sold into forced labor). Go to to find organic and fair-trade goodies from small, sustainable farms.

Just in case you are running short on time, here is a quick recommendation. ZenBunni only works with the highest quality biodynamic farmers. This treat is sure to delight your loved one with its yummy goodness and high quality ingredients.

Give Living Plants: Instead of a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, consider giving your sweetheart a potted plant but that will last much longer. The gesture can signify the longevity of your love, and the enjoyment will be lasting.Consider a native potted plant from your local nursery, or go to, which offers VeriFlora-certified blossoms (grown using sustainable techniques). For those not born with a green thumb, succulents are always a fun alternative to flowers.

Pour a drink you can feel good about: Just as we should be concerned about what goes into our food, we should also consider the origins of what we drink. When it comes to wine production, sustainability is all about living lightly on the land and good farming practices. Here are a few really great spirits to choose from:


Bake your own treats: When it comes time for dessert, concoct your own with this adapted recipe from Three Lily Farm. Not only does it taste divine, but it will mean so much to your loved one that you took the time to create such a special treat.

Fragrance(s) that will make one swoon:


The couple that plays together, stays together: Looking to do something extra special with your loved one this holiday season? Here are a few great ideas that will bring you closer together:

  • Plant a tree together: If you’re looking for an activity that gets the two of you outdoors while also getting a little dirty (and making a positive impact on the planet), plant a tree. There are tons of organizations that support tree planting activities in different cities, so you can plant a tree on your own, adopt a street or park tree, or attend a volunteer planting event. This will be your special tree that you may visit repeatedly in the years to come.
  • Cook a homemade meal together: We would definitely recommend picking up your own copy of Food with Benefits and create a nutritious meal together. Have fun with it and play together as a team
  • Indulge in a couple’s massage: For a treat of a different variety, unwind with a couple’s massage. You can sign up for a spa day package for two and enjoy each other’s company as you relax and release your muscles from toxins and built up stress.


Afterward, enjoy a nice movie cuddled together for a night in with fresh-popped popcorn (amazing when drizzled with Coconut Oil and sprinkled with Nutritional Yeast), sustainable liquor, and top the night off with some of those Ghee Carmel Pecan Clusters you whipped up earlier.

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