Shame Culture

Shame culture: where we celebrate women who are older and bodies that have gone soft when they bare all. We comment with praise because by being nude and embracing their age or their curves, we can relate and we honor their bravery…


And yet the beautiful women with no flaws receive insults and shame when they bare all… because we are conditioned to think they have not struggled, that “normal” women can’t relate, or that they are seeking attention for more views or likes.


Where those who are soft in their skin are called fat and it’s assumed that to become that way one must be inactive, over eat, and not love or be in tune with their body.


Where those who are thin are praised in the media and yet shamed by other women who can’t achieve those standards…and what we may not see underneath the chiseled exterior is a woman who has struggled with body image and binged, starved, or worked their bodies into exhaustion.


Double standard, much?!


When will we realize we were never created to look the same, be the same- that we all have been given different genes, DNA, fingerprints, and cellular memory that makes us all completely unique.


When will we stand strong and embrace these sacred differences?


When will we understand we all have our struggles with body image – areas that just “aren’t right”?


When will we stop buying into the bullsh*t?!


Stop the comparing. Stop the shaming.


Celebrate your own unique beauty and light. The goal shouldn’t be how we look. The goal should be for us to all feel comfortable in our skin and for us to each become the healthiest version of ourselves.


Obesity is not healthy. Nor is starving yourself and beating or carving your body up to meet the standards of society. Find balance.


But more importantly, find love and acceptance for yourself…just as you are.


You are more than the number on a scale and your self worth should not be tied to your waistline.


You are beautiful – just as you are. No matter your age, if you are thin, overweight, etc. You are beautiful!

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