Palm Trees and Salty Air. {Poem}

You took me to the Mediterranean in the depths of your stare—

White sand and turquoise sea

Safe and coy, I played hide and seek;

“Come on in—the water feels nice”

A whisper floating in the wind

In an instant, I was seduced by the tide.

Seeming to sense my anxiety as it pulled away,

The water rushed back in with a sweet caress and sea foam kiss—

Strawberry lips full of champagne

Dark chocolate and a decadent moscato wine

A thousand Osiria Roses waiting to be plucked.

Desire: an ache, a hunger, a deep set need

I dove in, head-first—throwing caution to the wind

I was caught in Poseidon’s rapture—or was it rage?

Addicted to the strong embrace.

I felt a shift in the sea as a storm moved in

Your eyes now a subtle grey;

I felt fear as depth and darkness consumed me

An Orca graveyard—is this where the sharks come to play?

“Don’t be afraid—come and stay.”

As I rode the tide, I was entranced—

Aquatic life so colorful and free

Coral reefs that seem to breathe

Caught in a rapture of silver fish

Around and around I go

Swimming through the depths of your soul.

Quiet and safe, we retreat to the beach—

Entangled in a warm embrace

I don’t know where I end and you begin;

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Author: Mary Rogers

Editor: Toby Israel

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