One Love.

There comes a time in most people’s lives when one begins to question this life we live pondering purpose.

I believe it’s in these quiet moments of reflection and contemplation that one’s soul comes to realize we are not victims but rather masters of our destiny. While we cannot control our life’s circumstance, we realize these events do not define us. Rather it is simply a piece of a small puzzle that will help shape our individual history.

We are truly but a drop in the bigger ocean of life. We are creating a map through our lives, born from our ancestors- that will live forever through energy, through the cosmos, through cellular memory…and will carry through to the generations after us through their genetic DNA.

All that needs to be realized is that this power resides within you- within me- within all of us. Once that realization comes, putting ego aside seems to be the difficulty.

Are you using your gifts for self-gratification, glory, recognition, and fame? Or are you using your gifts to better humanity- to better the tree called life whose roots flow through each of us- connecting us across the globe?

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