Live By the Moon

Currently reading Warrior Goddess Training by Heatherash Amara. I was just reading where she discusses cyclical living and thinking vs. linear. While linear thinking is invaluable in many aspects (such as balancing your checkbook), it’s not how we should be living.


Think about it. All of nature lives by cycles: life/death, the food chain…bears hibernating, birds flying south for the winter…even the trees adapt by going into their own kind of hibernation: showering us with the brilliant colors of autumn before shedding their leaves all together.


We used to live by the cycles and women were always considered the keepers of the earth. We, too, have our own cycles and body rhythms… typically 28 days to be exact.


Yet so many if us have fallen out of tune with the rhythm of the land. Daylight Savings time was created so that we could work longer for harvesting, etc. All really to make more money. Greed. Power.


Yet the wisdom of the ancients have not been lost. Many of us still live by the cycles of the moon. We honor the seasons and the months. We celebrate and honor these ways. And sometimes, it just feels like coming home 

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