Life Is What You Make of It

I have made a commitment, a decision, to focus on the positive. To continue up levelling, to stay in high consciousness, high vibe and high frequency…


As part of this decision, I purchased Tony Robbins, ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ on audio disc to play in my car. I want each moment to become motivation and empowerment. Why? Because where we put our attention and focus is what we draw into our life. Law of Attraction. Similar to Facebook’s algorithms.


So, I am on disc one and am already mind-blown. Like seriously, the top of my head went “pakooof” lol


As always, when I learn something, I have to share. And it’s not really learning anything new – it’s just a remembrance – words strung in a way that I literally shouted in my car, “OH MY GOD – I GET IT!!”


Ok so it starts with him talking about how some are born with a clear advantage or disadvantage. But that our circumstances don’t define our destiny – our decisions do. We always have a choice, even if it feels like we don’t. Unhappy with your living situation, relationships, your job, your income – well those are all variables that we choose and at any point, we can decide to change. (So long as we can get out of our own way and our victim mentality).


Today many of us use our decisions almost as a wish list. This isn’t a decision. A decision isn’t stating a preference. It’s not saying, “I want to do such-and-such.” Instead, it’s saying, “I WILL do such and such” and truly committing to it. It’s setting a standard and staying the course.


We either find a way, or we make one. Many today jump in the river of life without a plan – they jump in feet first and before long they’re caught in the current: current events, current fears, current challenges. Before long we lose control or lose ourselves as we’re letting our lives be directed by our circumstances and everything that’s going on around us.


So how do we avoid this? We make a decision. We make a plan. We set a course. We follow the map WE created.


How do we make this decision? By asking yourself some very simple questions:


1. What do I choose to focus on? (Each moment of your life)

2. What do things mean to you? How do you perceive different situations?

3. What Should I do now? (Clarity)


Here is the four step program to achieve success: The Ultimate Success Formula


1. Clearly decide what you want. What are you committed to achieving?

2. Take action. Take massive action to make things happen.

3. Notice what’s working and what isn’t.

4. When things aren’t working, change your approach, continually, until it does work and you can achieve what you want.


Get clear. Get focused. Everything you decide from that point on should be to raise you and lift you to success – it should be to support your original goal or decision. Don’t get sidetracked. Don’t get attached to there being only one way to get to your end result. Be creative. Be original. Be authentic. Be you.


And take responsibility. You are responsible for your life and your actions – the choices you make. So again, if you’re unhappy about something, I ask you, “How or what are you going to do to change it?!”

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