Every emotional, energetic, and sexual encounter we experience imprints into our Womb space. We carry the emotional and energetic wounds with us for years and years, even our entire life, until we choose to explore, release and heal them.


The Womb is the centre of our creativity, and also births the frequency of how our life unfolds and the experiences, people and events that come to us – when the Womb is wounded, shutdown, afraid and hurt, we often magnetize negative events or relationships, re-experiencing our original trauma, again and again.


When a person has experienced serious Womb trauma, such as a sexual abuse, rape, betrayal, abandonment – especially if it is a theme that runs down their Ancestral line – they can have what may be called a ‘haunted Womb’, where Spirit attachments and negative epigenetic imprints are hooked into the Womb.


The Womb wounds of our Ancestors are also passed down to us through our epigenetic DNA, and we often hold and carry the pain of the sexual trauma and emotional abuse and abandonment our mothers and fathers experienced.


Money is also intimately connected to sexual energy, and often Womb trauma also creates lack of abundance and a failure to thrive and feel safe in the world.


When the Womb releases and clears these negative imprints and attachments, she can begin to birth beauty, love and good fortune back into your life. Your Womb and Feminine Crown, your foundation, becomes secure, healthy and open. Miraculous shifts in your life and law of attraction can happen as the Womb begins to heal and regain her trust in life again, and magnetize loving support.


There is no trauma, relationship, or Ancestral/past life wound that cannot be healed, cleared and released – when we have the courage to feel it and face it.


This healing session is suggested for:


– Those who have experienced sexual abuse, rape or sexual violation

– Those who have experienced psychic sexual abuse or manipulation

– Those who have sexual or emotional abuse in their Ancestral lineage

– Those who have Womb issues such as endometriosis/cysts/heavy or debilitating menstruation

– For peri-menopausal or women entering the Crone phase of life

– Womb blessings for menarche

– If you have recently separated from a lover and wish to clear the field

– To release any negative cords/imprints from an abusive relationship

– To release any unhealthy cords from betrayal or heartbreak

– If you are wishing to meet your Soulmate or deepen your relationship

– Those who are preparing for and practicing Sacred Union



PACKAGE ONE: Hathor Womb Clearing & Release

1.5 – Hour Session: I will be guiding you through a womb clearing meditation while immersing you in sound with the healing power of seven crystal quartz singing bowls. Afterwards, I will be doing an abdominal massage with Reiki for an energetic clearing (using nourishing oils infused with adaptogenic herbs). This complete treatment allows emotional healing to take place in a safe environment while experiencing a full integration of mind, body, and soul.


*Total treatment time is 1.5 hours for a cost of $150.00
*Recommended for those who have already been doing personal work



PACKAGE TWO: Bastet Treatment

Includes the same treatment as in Package One but also includes:


  • Workbook
  • 30 minutes following the treatment for a coaching session/consultation with me
  • Total treatment time is 2 hours for a cost of $250.00
  • Recommended for those who need deeper healing


I also offer distance sessions via Skype (minus the abdominal massage).


By Appointment Only Call me at (916) 470-1233 or email me at lotusgypsysoul@hotmail.com




“Thank you for yesterday. I started reading Mary’s book today and cried. It was great! A release!! Before I read it I was feeling amazed at the healing that is happening. My neck and arm are so much better today. I know that I am processing as I am continuing to feel vibration, dizzy, and shaky. Actually had a severe headache last night, but slept thru the night for the first time in quite a while. After our session I pulled my car over and called my mom. It was a wonderful conversation and confirmation that she is on a beautiful healing path as well. It was a great clearing for both of us and I’m looking forward to our visit, which will be more authentic, in April. I am excited about tonight and moving forward to know myself better and see where I go 💕” – Cindy, Grass Valley, CA

Why Hathor?


“Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of dance, sexuality, fertility, and love, was also called “Lady of the Vulva.” She was linked to the Tibetan goddess Mut, meaning “Mother” and the Greek Methyer, meaning “primordial water.” Hathor is called Hwt-Hr in Egyptian, which translates to “the Womb of Horus.”


The instrument sacred to Hathor, the sistrum, symbolized by lunar cycles. The temple of Hathor at Dendera is surrounded by birth houses. Ancient Egyptians cosmologies attributed Hathor to be a goddess responsible for birthing the day, and the Milky Way was Hathor’s amniotic fluid…


The roots of the Grail Womb legends spiral down time into the ancient Neanderthal womb religion, passing through the forbidden path of Celtic, Egyptian, and Tantric red magic practiced by priestesses in the secret traditions of feminine folklore magic.


Egypt – with it’s magical priestesses of Hathor and Isis – held the secret of the Grail, which was passed down from the prehistoric Womb Mysteries of mother Africa. These magical feminine traditions were the true source of Egypt’s astounding spiritual power…


The Two Ladies of Egypt: The Red and White Sexuality


The physical land of Egypt is conceived of as a female body, divided into an upper and lower half – the two ladies. The upper half is the white crown of her heart, breast milk and heavenly celestial qualities. It is the land of the vulture sky goddess Nekhbet, who escorts dead spirits back to the cosmic womb. The lunar mysteries reside here, in their soft, silver light, along with the energy of Sothis (Sirius), the brightest star in the night sky, and the soul of Isis.


Lower Egypt is the red crown of her sexuality, womb, and vulva. It is the land of the cobra goddess Wadjet, primordial sexual energy, and the land of the fierce lioness Sekhmet who represents the scepter of female life-force energy and authority, sekhem.


The ancient goddess Hathor was known as the Mistress of the Red Robe, Lady of the Vulva, and Womb of Horus and was the goddess of love, sexuality, childbirth, and the feminine temple arts. Her priestesses wore patterned red dresses, red scarves, and beaded menat necklaces that doubled as musical shakers. In the inner sanctum of the Hathor temple, a troupe of red-robed priestesses with diaphanous red veils would move slowly in rhythm, perfectly synchronized in their mesmerizing, snake-like movements, shaking their beaded rattles and sistrums, chanting otherworldly hymns to the goddess.


The priestesses of Hathor were oracles, dream interpreters, midwives, dancers, and musicians. Her temples contained rooms for the mixing of perfumed oils and cosmetics, treasuries of jewels and musical instruments, and birthing chambers where pregnant mothers were welcomed and assisted by the trained priestess-midwives…


The Daughters of Isis priestesses worked with the shen womb ring of immortality to shift the fabric of time and to send protection to those in their journey of rebirth. The ankh, a womb of life symbol, was used to magically transmit life-force energy – often into the lunar portal of the Alta-major, located at the base of the skull…” – Womb Awakening, Azra & Seren Bertrand

Why Bastet?


Bast, Bastet, otherwise known as ‘The Soul of Isis” or the “Eye of Ra” is usually depicted with an ankh (for immortal life), a papyrus wand (which was a symbol of Lower Egypt), and the all-seeing eye of Horus. Bast is considered the goddess of sensual pleasure, fertility, protector of the home, and bringer of health. She is also known as she of the perfume jar. Most chalices, containers, jars, and baskets (which she is also associated with) are known to be ancient symbols of the womb. Related to Neith, the Night Goddess, Bast symbolized the moon in its function of making a woman fruitful, with a swelling womb.


While the womb clearing & energetic release treatment is not necessarily about fertility, I felt Bastet was appropriate to invoke for this treatment as she was clearly a womb priestess by every right. Rituals for the Goddess Bast were made in her temples in Egypt and involved a lot of dance, music, and sensuality. The priestesses, who wore red clothes, danced in an extremely sensual dance and were probably the first forms of exotic dancers. One aspect of the festival was quite moving, and came on the last night – in a town of silence and a town of darkness. One single light is lit in the Temple of Bast, and from there light spreads throughout the town, carried by devotees with prayers rising into the night, accompanied by music and incense.


Bast is closely related to Hathor; she sometimes carried a sistrum which was one of Hathor’s symbols. They are both honored at the Temple of Denderah to this day.