The 1:1 work I do with my clients is focused around personal and spiritual growth. It’s about finding yourself – who you are – not who you or someone else thought or told you to be. Individually we all have our own special and unique blue print and gifts to share with the world. I help you define what that purpose is while identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs and mindsets.  I work with my clients in a partnership to help them achieve their goals, make their dreams a reality, and bring their visions to life.


This program is really about saying yes to you. Understanding Universal Laws, how to tap into abundance, and how to let go of limiting beliefs and mindsets, people, attitudes, behaviors, situations, etc. that are not serving your highest good. Together we evaluate your quality of life and ultimately you come to realize that this is something you have control over. Maybe not the outside influences, but how you act or react is completely dependent on you.


Throughout this process, we focus on radical self-love. Honoring yourself, your boundaries, and learning rituals in self-care. You will begin to experience shift upon shift, layer after layer, where you will find yourself softening and blossoming. You will begin to feel good about yourself and trust your instincts and intuition. You will learn to find your voice, feel confident, feel beautiful, and even, dare I say, feel sexy.


I help my clients to discover, claim, and employ their own personal power and purpose. Gradually, clients explore, understand, and ultimately make EXPANSIVE change in the overall quality and perspective of their lives.


By identifying personal challenges and barriers, limiting beliefs, a scarcity vs. abundance mindset, neuro-associative conditioning, etc., you will become the Law of Attraction – you will be continually up-leveling and manifesting with intent.


Imagine turning your power up and finding ways to turn yourself on; confident and empowered. Imagine feeling comfortable in asking for exactly what you need, realizing your worth and value, and no longer feeling weighted down by emotional anchors.


This is the work I do with my clients. I help you understand your truth and activate the pure potential within you.




  • Get clear on your own goals, values and direction
  • Establish and commit to a plan of action.
  • Break your goals down into small attainable steps.
  • Have a weekly (or bi-weekly) coaching session and homework to keep you accountable and on track.
  • Breakthrough challenges and perceived barriers as they arise.
  • Self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance, self-care and soul reflection
  • Identifying barriers
  • Strategic planning




I ask client’s to commit at least 8 weeks to allow for transformation. We will schedule either an in-person meeting or a Skype call. The introduction session is free of charge and lasts approximately 10 minutes. I believe it’s vital that we are a good fit in order for the relationship to be beneficial, on both sides of the coin.


I prefer to work with individuals who are already operating at a functional level but want to take the leap to process that much deeper. I am looking to work with only those who are fully ready to make the commitment.


At this time, I will be booking in-person sessions through Inner Path:


200 Commercial Street
Nevada City, CA 95945


For Skype Clients. I will invoice you and we will begin the following week.




Living in Partnership with Spirit Podcast.


Mary is such an immense pleasure to work with as a coach. She is so relatable and inspiring, during our meetings I felt like I was just hanging with one of my best friends and coming up with a strategy for crushing it at life. She helped me to focus on my passions and work to achieve the goals I had always wanted to chase. She also helped me to develop my confidence and see that I had every right to be passionate about life. She has an amazing spirit and drive... to help others make the most of life. She used several strategies for progress, such as an emphasis on journaling, dancing, gratitude and aligning your chakras. Mary is very knowledgeable in many different topics and her understanding of my artistic nature and need to be creative really made me feel supported. I would highly recommend her as an inspiring self-expansion coach. In my time with her, I grew wings. ~ Sirena Kay