An online community for those wanting to explore creative writing and storytelling.




There once lived a girl who had a mad love affair with words.


Each morning, her day began with a dictionary word search. She would find her word of the day, fully enunciate the word — allowing it to roll over, around, and under her tongue. She tested the syllables while exploring the definitions. Then she would set herself to the task of stringing the word together with other words — allowing them to dance in her imagination…


As the words tumbled out almost tripping each other as they raced for the ink to touch paper longing to be spoken; she found herself with poems, stories — both fiction and non-fiction, and ways to entertain herself and others for hours on end…


That girl was and is still me…


I remember literally sitting at the feet of my Grandmother, my Grandfather, my Father, and my Mother — chin cupped in my hands, hanging on to every word they spoke about their lives. There is still nothing I enjoy more than listening to another’s tale. I think this is why campfires, bonfires, and cherished circles of friends and community are such an important part of my life!


“We do not become storytellers.
We came as carriers of the stories
we and our ancestors actually lived.” ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD


Because of this ongoing passion and love affair with words, I have decided to open an online forum for those who love to get tangled in words and love letters. For those who want to play with the tangible and unimaginable – and dance between myth and meaning. For those who want a space to wander deep into their creation and to follow the labyrinth where words and vision want to take you.


Each month a writing prompt will be given and throughout the month we will share our writings and play with them a bit – exploring fiction, non-fiction, storytelling, poetry, and so much more.


As I have personally been published with over eight online publications, I will also be sharing contacts, paid gigs, etc. that you may be interested in. And the floor will be open for other writers to share their knowledge and expertise as well. This will be a great community in which you can explore, get feedback, collaborate, and make new friends.


What to Expect:


  • Monthly writing prompts given: This will be explored to see if we want to do them on a more frequent basis. I tend to think a full month may be needed as we all have very busy lives. A month also gives us plenty of time to move through a topic where we can explore fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.
  • Assignments will also be sent out via email
  • Writing Review & Feedback (should you so desire)
  • Publication contacts for submissions & Featured gigs
  • Community


This space is $10/month and will be set up on an automatic billing cycle. Must have access to Facebook to participate.