Energy is My First Language



I work with energy as my first language. I learned very early on as an empath that I could literally walk into a room and “sense” other peoples energy.


I was often labeled shy or introverted because when a new introduction was made, I would literally not speak. I would observe and as a general rule could decipher if I liked someone within minutes of meeting – but I didn’t have the comprehension to articulate what I did or did not like. I realize now I was merely reading and reacting to the energy a person would emanate.


In my early twenties I remember looking through a book my mother had of Kirlian photography. I was fascinated by the pictures depicting a leaf that had fallen and yet being able to see the energy the leaf left behind. I also saw a picture in that same book of a man’s amputated leg. Where there was once flesh, bone, blood vessels, etc. There was now a distinct energy outline. I remember my ah-ha moment, realizing this may be why some experience phantom limb syndrome.


Looking back, I can clearly see my destiny was there all along just waiting for me to become awake and aware and claim my purpose.


In two months I turn forty. While I have friends who dreaded this age, I can, in all honesty, say I am excited! It’s taken me many years to get to where I am today. I don’t consider that a negative or a set back because the detours I took (while some were not ideal) all led me to the path I’m walking today.


Now I am making my career working with energy: Reiki, chakra clearing, tarot, and yes, even my woman’s circle and mentoring program – all revolve around working with, unblocking, and healing the energy of others. The hardest part of this journey? Healing myself so that Spirit could move me through me to help heal the world. And this is still a daily practice and process. It never ends and if anyone tries to preach otherwise – they’re lying.


In theses moments of reflection, I felt I needed to share. I have several clients who say, “But I’m thirty/forty/fifty – I am too old to do that now…”


I am here to tell you that you are never to old to follow and pursue your dreams. Your destiny has been patiently waiting there all this time – just waiting for you to become awake and aware and to take action…


Stand up and claim that which is already yours. Stand in your purpose and watch abundance flow. Set your soul ablaze with inspiration, motivation, passion, and desire.


What are you waiting for?

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