Corporeal Human

Captured Moments // Silent Reflection


Is anyone so hard on us outside of ourselves? We self-criticize, condemn, the judge and the jury, self-mutilate, numb, or beat ourselves up internally revisiting errors in judgement and mistakes.


It would seem to me that we put ourselves through hell in doing penance for being human. Maybe this self-imposed delerium is the hell fire and brim stone we are all trying to seek refuge from.


How do we escape this madness? We try to put some sort of semblance and order in the chaos from rules of right living. Hence The Four Agreements or the Ten Commandments. We realize that by being our best selves: by living from a place of love, compassion, and caring that we can avoid our own condemnation as we live in harmony with others. A life of peace and grace is what we seek.


Yet so many take to the extreme. They become pious and self-righteous by following all the rules. Thinking theirs is the only way and one must follow their God, believe in their faith full of religious dogma, and that theirs is the only way to eternal enlightenment, bliss, joy, and heaven. Yet they’re missing the true heart of spirituality.


Others realizing the impossible standard don’t even try… realizing their shadow is strong…


I say we are human. We are going to mess up. Shadow repression or spiritual bypassing is not true living. We are just as much a part of our shadow as we are our light. You can’t have one without the other. Often, it is our shadow that needs to be seen in order to move forward with healing and growth.


I say it doesn’t matter to me what your religion, dogma, or what god/dess you chose to serve. It matters to me the person you are and who you strive to be. Your actions speak volumes while your words do little to impress me.


I say it’s time to honor yourself (which in turn means you will honor others) and respect your right to choose your beliefs (which in turn will help you to respect another’s path), and that it’s time to realize there are as many different paths to enlightenment just as there are different ideas of heaven.


I say it’s time to feast on your own intellect, it’s time to study, to go deep and go within to figure out which path is your own. Stop eating the Bullsh*t society has fed you. For when you do this, you become a follower instead of a leader…and we need more leaders in this day and age.


I respect those who have chosen their path, who do as they seek, who live from their heart. I love those who are committed to their path and who find strength in their faith, and who do not judge others if another’s path is different from their own. I respect those who can put their ego aside and realize there are many paths to enlightenment and can rejoice in knowing that another is seeking and be content in that knowledge without trying to incorporate change…


It’s time to shed barriers, to be released from thoughts and ideas that would trap or confine us. I say it’s time to rise…

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