Bayley House & Lost Dreams

On Sunday as my handsome and I were driving to Placerville and as we passed the Bayley House I recited the history of the building. A man built a 22 room hotel in 1862 as the Central Pacific Railroad was to cross right in front of it. Plans changed and the hotel remained abandoned.


My handsome then recalled the tale of the Forest Hill Bridge built in 1971 and how it was originally built as a dam was to go in. Many bought property believing they would have lake side property...but the project fell through following a nearby earthquake and the discovery of a seismic fault that underlaid the dam site. Work on the project was halted for fears that the dam’s design would not allow it to survive a major quake on the same fault zone.


This discussion led us to talking about how many people put everything in living their dream and how disappointing it must have been to discover it would not become a reality…


As we continued winding through the curves of the road lined by forest, I felt as if a veil had been lifted. It was almost as if I could see and hear children playing, running, and the hills full of laughter. I caught a glimpse of the past, people dressed in historic attire…I caught glimpses of men working the fields, construction, dirt roads, and horses pulling buggy’s…


The hills and trees seemed to come alive and I felt so interconnected to it all. It warmed my heart as I realized fully how much rich history lay around us and how something of us all remains even after our bodies fall away 

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