Mary Rogers currently resides in Nevada County (Grass Valley, CA)


Mystic. Medicine Woman. Writer. Reiki Master. Sound Healer. Trusted voice of women’s empowerment. Awakener. Soul Excavator. Primal. Wild Woman. Feral Female. Healer. Emotional Alchemist. Savage. Queen. These are all words that have been used to describe her. Known for her training in using various techniques and different healing modalities, Mary combines her skills to work with other women in healing and returning home to themselves. A dreamer and high achiever, she finds inspiration in nature, karmic reciprocity, and self reflection. She may be an old soul: cheeky and brass, but she is also sugar and spice and everything nice. Passionate in all that she does, her favorite past time is getting naked on paper.


Ms. Rogers finds her inspiration from absolutely anything that enlivens the ether:


  • Thunderstorms
  • Lightening
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Mayan Mochas
  • Long walks and challenging hikes
  • Paddle Boards
  • Moonlit Vistas
  • Bonfires
  • Smiles that light the universe
  • Delicious and meaningful conversation
  • Bleeding souls
  • Nirvana in a kiss
  • Meteor showers
  • Deep centeredness
  • Curious debates
  • Persian mandolins and tribal drums…


Her passion and life work is writing and living with authentic transparency and vulnerability and allowing and giving others space to do the same.



Q: What do you do, exactly?


Me: I work with women to explore their inner goddess through sensual living and celebration. I help women to recognize and find their own divinity amidst the mundane. I work with women on self-love, self-care, and self-empowerment. These aren’t just buzz words.


I work with women to go within, to release, to let go, and to understand the phases of the moon, We talk about sensuality, movement, tantra, sisterhood and tribe: Maiden, Mother, Crone. I help women to ultimately fall in love with themselves – to become reinspired and reinvigorated about the life they’re living; and living it with zest. I help women to release the baggage of shame, blame, grief, and fear…


I teach the importance of ceremony and ritual, about finding your voice, opening your throat chakra, connecting head to heart. We focus on gratitude and presence. Primal screaming and womb activation…


I work with women of all ages: I’ve done rights of passage ceremonies, held space for the struggling mother, the college student finding her way, and those who have pain in their bodies from autoimmune disorders, arthritis, and exhaustion…I work with women of all ages and honor each phase.


This is my calling – to help others surrender their destiny. To lean into discomfort and to move past the sludge into vibrant living. I am an advocate for women living their own unique flavor of life. I am a provocateur of letting desire be your guiding star and being led by intuition.


I will teach you how to cultivate a strong sense of self so you can come to trust your intuition. Your heart, and your mind to bring your dreams into reality. I am a catalyst for women reclaiming their authentic power: real, raw, and unstoppable.


I am the one who holds space and has your back whilst you transition into the woman with wings you have always been. I am the one holding a mirror to show you your beauty, power, magnitude, and incredible value. I am committed to helping those I work with to find self-love from within and to learn to embrace everything that makes you uniquely you.


I am here to empower you to realize your greatness in this life…