4 Myths Debunked: “Women Against Feminism.”

I recently became aware of a #WomenAgainstFeminism movement that apparently started earlier this year.

I started researching this further, thinking, “Are these women serious?! Do they know what feminism is?”

As I read through their posts, I realized they must have no idea…and as I researched further, I learned about third wave feminism and the new “feminist”—the non-feminist, if you will—called an egalitarian.

I read that they are for equality for men and women.

And then I became confused.

Feminism was supposed to be about giving women rights that are equal to the rights men had. Women have fought hard throughout history for equality.

That is what feminism about.

I started reading the various signs that have been posted and there were a few that struck a hot button for me. I had to take a step back to evaluate the confusion as there seems to be a split even within the #WomenAgainstFeminism movement.

I feel it is important for others to understand what feminism is and the history of the movement. Otherwise, it is disrespectful to the women that went before us to pave the way for equality—the women who were imprisoned, the women who had suffered for us to be able to vote, to have birth control options, that allowed us to work (if we chose to do so) and make the same amount of pay as our male counterparts.

I would like to debunk a few myths about feminists:

1. Feminists are masculine and do not encourage femininity:

I am unaware of where this myth originated from. As with all women I know, many “feminists” have very different personal styles. I, personally, identify as a feminist but I still fully enjoy doing my hair, putting on makeup and dressing in a feminine way.

I also have a wild, carefree side – sometimes I don’t want to wear makeup and I want my hair to blow in the wind while wearing a ratty pair of cut-offs. What matters here is that we CAN wear what we want, when we want, and look however we choose.

We have a choice.

There was actually a point in time when women did not have the freedom to choose what they wore. There was actually a point in time when women weren’t allowed to wear or own a pair of pants. Unfortunately, in some cultures, this still holds true.


2. Feminists are masculine and do not encourage femininity:

It is important to identify that each person and makes their own choices in what they are willing to give in a relationship.

I know many feminists who are stay at home moms, who cook, who clean, and do all of the domestic functions within the home while the man has outside employment. I also know feminists who have the exact opposite: the man stays at home and she is the bread winner.

I would also like to say that I thoroughly enjoy dressing sexy for my man, I also have days where I’m in leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. I am the girliest tomboy you will ever meet.

As far as cooking: I enjoy cooking as does my significant other. We take turns and make it fun.

Cooking is also great foreplay…

But I’m not sure how cooking for your man is counteractive to feminism?


3. Feminism is a way to justify “being a slut.”

Feminism says that it is YOUR body to do as YOU please.

Women should have the same rights to sleep with who they want, when they want, just as a man does without being called a slut. Women used to be stoned to death for having premarital sex. They have historically been mutilated, maimed, and have been shamed for being sexual beings. THIS STILL EXISTS IN MANY CULTURES.

Women should feel comfortable in their skin. Women should be able to express what they want sexually.

We were not created to just be sex kittens and vixens to our husbands meeting their every sexual need and whim while ignoring our own pleasure and needs.


4. Catcalling isn’t rape.

This wasn’t a “myth” but rather a post that continued to come up throughout the #womenagainstfeminsim website. So much so, that I felt I needed to address it. You are correct, catcalling isn’t rape. But it is disrespectful and it perpetuates rape culture.

There are some women who do not like or appreciate being objectified sexually.

Others may feel it’s flattery.

However, due to the feminist movement, we have a right to set boundaries and say that we have the right to be treated with just as much respect as men. Did you know that women used to not have the right to sue for sexual harassment? When Title VII was passed in 1946, it was meant to eliminate sexual discrimination in the work place.

However, courts did not even recognize sexual harassment in the workplace until 1977 and was still not fully defined until 1980 when the term was officially defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Here are some other not-so-fun-facts for you:

  • Did you know that even through the pill ws approved by the FDA in 1960, it wasn’t until 12 years later, in 1972, that the Supreme Court decision, Baird vs. Eisenstadt, made birth control accessible to all women, regardless of marital status?

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Author: Mary Rogers 

Editor: Renée Picard

Images: via the author, from Women Against Feminism on Tumblr 


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