Have you ever wondered what a chakra is? Have you heard of chakras but aren’t sure where they’re located or how they function? Maybe you’re a Reiki practitioner, sound healer, or other energetic light-worker and want to explore chakras more in-depth? Then this is definitely a course for you!


Chakras are located in our astral bodies and can’t be seen with the naked eye. However, they can definitely be felt – especially if one or more is out of balance, constricted or closed.


Why is this important? Because healthy chakras that are in expansion are when life is in balance. When functioning as they should, we feel safe and stable and usually just feel great – both emotionally and physically. We can easily express how we’re feeling, our emotions, and are in touch with the overall sensuality of being human. We feel inspired, fueled, and passionate; self-empowered and confident. We feel open to expression and highly creative. We trust our choices, our intuition and have the ability to stand in our purpose knowing we are each uniquely divine.


This workshop will begin with an introduction to the chakras including their names, locations, and functions. Then dive a little deeper into exploring the connections of chakras to the different sounds and colors, and physical ailments. Finally, you’ll discuss what it means for chakras to be open or closed, and learn how to know what state your chakras are in.


Click on the picture below to hear a more in-depth description of the chakras…


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Through The Chakras // A Seven Week Journey

I will be opening this group on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Fitting that as we explore the First Chakra // Root Chakra, that we will be starting on Earth Day. (The Root Chakra is associated with the element of Earth…)


What to Expect:


– Learning about each chakra in-depth
– Recorded chakra meditations to follow
– Sound healing: using crystal singing bowls and tuning forks
– Suggested yoga poses to help open specific chakras
– Exploring topics such as tantra, etc.
– Live video establishing weekly goals
– Journaling/writing prompts and/or activities to work through traumas
– Learning self-love, self-acceptance, and soul reflection
– Accountability
– Community




By design, this group is for those who are wanting to learn more and explore their chakras while working through and healing any trauma that may have caused these areas to contract. We will be discussing life experiences and how those correlate to each chakra.


There will be guided meditations, sound healing, as well as writing prompts and activities to aid in the expansion and opening of each chakra.


Here you will be held and nurtured as you move through some intense healing, shadow-work, and self-exploration.


This group is focused around personal and spiritual growth. Gradually, you will explore, understand, and ultimately make EXPANSIVE change in the overall quality and perspective of your life.


Are you ready to take this journey with me?



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